LAN ping issues

Internal LAN ping issues. Home network layout.

router: Linksys WRK54G Gateway/switch Broadcasting SSID Channel 3 WPA/TKIP encryption Enabled MAC filering Shared Key mode Disabled DHCP

comp1: laptop Onboard DELL 1350 WLAN MiniPCI card WinXP Home SP1

comp2: laptop NetGear WG511v1 PCMCIA card WinXP Home SP2 Disable WinXP firewall Disabled WinXP WZC service Using NetGear connection utility

comp3: desktop Onboard network adaptor WinXP Home SP2

comp4: desktop Onboard network adaptor WinXP Home SP1


comp1 can ping comp3, comp4, router comp1 receives Request time out from comp2 comp1 can ping public IPs

comp2 receives Request time out from comp1/3/4 comp2 can ping router comp2 can ping public IPs

comp3/4 are the same as comp1

Only when I ping from comp2 to the others at the same time I'm executing the ping from the others to comp2 will the machines respond to eachother. The router always responds. The time outs aren't consistent. It can happen after 5 minutes or after 30 minutes. I can never tell when comp1 will apparently looks as if it dropped off the LAN. It takes the double ping to revive the LAN connection even though I can ping public IPs.

Attempted solutions with no success. Downloaded and installed latest drivers and patches for everything. Reflashed the router's firmware a few times. Uninstall NetGear utility and use WZC service on comp2. Different channels. Moved router location. Turned off encryption (but I want to use it).

Reasons? router problem? PCMCIA card bus problem? PCMCIA card problem? PCMCIA card drivers and utility software? WinXP?

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