Does WPA and WPA2 wireless encryption work on Vista?

I have Vista Home Premium with SP1 and all the updates installed. I have a MSI PC60G wireless adapter, with the latest driver, and it is unable to connect to my Linksys WRT54GL router with WPA or WPA2. I know that the router is working fine, because I can use an XP laptop to connect to the router using WPA or WPA2. But with the Vista machine, it always shows a "The wireless network security key is not correct" when I use the diagnose option to see why it doesn't connect using WPA/AES or WPA/TKIP or WPA2/AES or WPA2/TKIP. Vista can tell that the network is there, as it shows the network name with 5 green bars in the wireless connection window. It can also tell when I have changed the security settings on the router, as it will say "The settings saved on this computer for the network do not match the requirements of the network." But it just won't connect to the router using WPA or WPA2 for some reason. If I configure the router with WEP, then Vista connects fine, but I want to use WPA or WPA2.

Can someone please confirm that wireless connections using WPA and WPA2 are working in Vista? If so, then it must be a problem with the PC60G wireless adapter. The PC60G uses a Ralink RT2561 chip, and I have the latest driver installed for that. I even tried the latest MSI driver, which is older than the latest Ralink driver, and that still did not work. MSI says that the PC60G supports both Vista and WPA2, but something is not working here.

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I had a laptop working fine using Vista Business with WPA2 Personal and TKIP+AES. I blew off Vista to go back to XP for various other reasons.

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We use WPA-PSK/TKIP with XP, Vista and Linux.

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Larry Finger

I also have a Vista Home Premium SP1 machine which has an AR5007 wireless card and have no problems with WPA2-PSK/AES encryption. Have you tried rolling back to pre-SP1 to see if it works and if it is the SP1 upgrade that is the problem as both sets of drivers are pre-SP1.

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What firewall software, if any, are you using on this Vista PC? I've encountered a firewall software that blocks wireless SSIDs if not told to trust it.

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The Windows Firewall. But WEP works on the computer. WPA and WPA2 do not work.

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Well, I tried it one more time tonight, and it worked. Bizarre. Hmm, yesterday I had been uninstalling and re-installing different versions of the wireless adapter drivers, and something must have gotten corrupted, because after all that, WEP wouldn't work anymore. So I did a System Restore. That must have also fixed WPA2, because it is working now.

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