Linksys WAP54G - failing on chan 9/10/11

Had weirdest thing happen today... Running a Linksys WAP54G - version 3.1 - firmware 3.04

Came home and the WiFi in the house was "not working". Did some tests, and yup - nothing was associated with the WAP.

OK - did some banging around, and after doing a "factory defaults" the WAP was working again. Hmmm... started changing things one item at a time, and discovered that when I got up to channel 10 or 11 (was config'd for channel 11) then the WiFi devices would not connect to the AP.

Have you ever seen this - where the RF section degrades or something happens at the high freq end, such that channel 9,10,11 are not working right ?

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Are you sure no one is running a "Video Sender"? Some seem to have one of their channels around 2.450GHz and although their power output is normally

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