Linksys SRX(WRT54GX ) unable to connect with another router


I have purchased a new WRT54GX (SRX technology) router. Since I am running out of ports, I wanted to connect another Linksys router BEFW11S4. I turned off DHCP and wireless on the BEFW11S4 router and only using it as a switch. I plug one end of the cable to WRT54GX router's LAN port and the other end into the BEFW11S4's LAN port. However, connection lights on both router doesn't come up. As if the cable hook up is not detected. Before I bot the WRT54GX, the BEFW11S4 was hooked up with a standard Linksys G router (WRT54G), and they were working perfectly. Both routers recognize each other and the connection lights come up.

Is WRT54GX missing this auto sensing feature? Or there's some setup that I need to do to get this to work?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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