Can I connect switch port of Router to uplink on another switch to add more PC's

I have Cable modem contains Ethernet connection, which is connected to Braodband Router's WAN port, there are 4 LAN port's on Broadband Router, out of 4, 3 PC's connected to three LAN port's of switch, I need to add 6 more PC's, I got a workgroup switch, contains one Uplink and 8 LAN ports, can I connect the Uplink of the work group switch directly to one of the switch port of the Router? Or can I connect switch port of the work group to Router?.

Why some switches contaikns uplink and some don't, what was the exact difference, what this uplink makes difference?. Thanks in advance.

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Some switches can auto detect on all ports and others only on one and some on none (requiring a cross-over cable). You should check the docs for your brand. The easy thing to do is just try it and see what works and what doesn't. I'd start with a straight thru cable from the uplink port and if that doesn't work try a switch port.

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Normally, you'd connect the uplink port to the router.

Some are autosense, some require a crossover cable., some have a switch, on one port, to change modes, Also, gigabit doesn't need a special port or crossover.

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James Knott

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