WRT54GX v2.0 with SRX - any experiences?

Had to replace my wireless router and decided to go for the high end model. This is the Linksys SRX model with three antennae. There is a slightly cheaper model with only two.

I'm wondering what others out there are experiencing.

I've defintiely got much better range and connectivity. Signal strength on the third floor tripled (20-25% became 70-80%). The back patio which is submerged below a thick boulder and masonry wall is now accessible via wireless. Haven't been able to get an IP ever back there. Now i've got Good signal/36Mbps.

I am having problems and I'm not sure if this is bad firmware/early bugs or a lemon unit. I am running the latest firmware available from Linksys.

- I've had to reboot the router multiple times because it simply stops passing internet traffic.

- when it dies it says my PPPoE connection is "connected" with an IP of "", which is obviously wrong. In another screen it shows "disconnected" and in the system log it shows the real IP address assigned and no problem with PPPoE.

- It will not pass the DNS servers from the PPPoE connection through to DHCP clients. It sometimes doesn't give any DNS servers out. Some routers give out the default gateway as DNS and relay the requests out. I had to hard-code my ISP's DNS servers as STATIC DNS servers. Otherwise I fail to get DNS services even though I'm on. Both wireless and wired clients experienced this.

- the timestamps on the loggin functions are a joke. Different processes log different timezone variations into the same log and absolutely NONE of them are the correct time. Some logs show the year as 2137. You cannot set the time on the unit, just the timezone. It gets the clock from some mystery source--perhaps PPPoE?? ANyway, troubleshooting with the logs is nice an confusing.

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