Linksys Routers - Access Restrictions

OK I'll state right off this is not really a wireless networking question, but the group has a lot of knowledge about wireless routers so I'm hoping someone can provide information or direct me to the right place to ask.

I have a two router setup as follows:

cable internet-Linksys RT31P2-Linksys WRT54G-wireless network

The RT31P2 has firmware v1.28.00 The WRT54G has firmware v2.04.4

I am trying to block torrent uploads. I had previously determined on my own (using a different router), and subsequently read on various sites that blocking ports 6881~6899 is a fairly effective way to do this.

I set up the RT31P2 to filter ports 6881~6899 under (security | filter). I did the same on the WRT54G under (access restrictions | blocked services).

When I view the logs for the routers, I notice the RT31P2 no longer shows outbound traffic on these ports. However the WRT54G still shows an abundance of outbound traffic on these ports when the torrent client is active on a machine (not mine).

So the question is, is the WRT54G really doing its filtering job? I ask because download speeds on my PC are really hurting when torrent is running on another PC. I'm down to 160kbps on connections that are usually 2400kbps or better.

Does anyone have any experience with WRT54G's not filtering properly?

Thanks for your input.

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