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My Linksys WRT54G wireless router is about a year old and a good performer. Today, before thunderstorms rolled through, I unplugged the router and all my home computers. Afterwards, my Win XP Pro desktop wouldn't connect to the internet (Charter Pipeline 3 Mbps). Under View Network Connections, it was showing the IP address of Charter (not my router). Also, bootup took twice as long. My desktop has an ethernet cable, so, by chance, I moved the ethernet cable from Port #3 to Port #4 on the back of the router. Then the proper address came up (, and everything started working fine. Bootup time went back to normal.

Does it sound like a port on the router has gone out? I had the same thing happen to an SMC router after a couple of years and ended up replacing it with the Linksys.

Thanks! Scott

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Scott wrote: [lightning storm, then one router port doesn't work]

Yup, sure does! It might not be permanent, sometimes a full reset will bring it back to life. [Note this will set everything back to factory defaults, so you'll want to write your settings down or be prepared to recreate them]

Press and hold reset wait 30 seconds remove power wait 30 seconds apply power wait 30 seconds release reset

Worth a try, unless you've got spare router ports, in which case I might leave it...

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William P. N. Smith

Unplugged as in removing the AC power, or literally pulling every connector and jack from the router? If you left the CAT5 cable to your desktop connected, it's possible that it picked up some power from a nearby lightning hit and blew up the port.

The boot delay was caused by Windoze waiting for the DHCP server in the router to deliver an IP address. Since there was no connection, it will time out in about 30-45 seconds.

Yep. I'd say the port is blown. However, you might wanna visually inspect the connector on the router to see if there's any mechanical damage. I once crammed a bit of paper into the receptacle by accident. Took me a while to find it.

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Jeff Liebermann

Before you rush out and get a new one, try this -- power down both the PC and the router. Turn the router on first, wait a minute or so then turn the PC on and see if it finds it (use the port that is suspect). These things can get into a confused state and refuse to talk without actually being dead.


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