Jeff on vacation?

Is Jeff on vacation. This group is pretty worthless as he is the only one who provides any good answers here.

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You included, apparently.

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Not Me

Ummm... you have it backwards. I'm almost always on vacation. Ocassionally, I run out of money, or get bored, so I do some paying work. When on vacation, I have time to post wrong answers to Usenet. When working, I don't have time.

Meanwhile, I bought myself a new computah and am slowly transfering all the rubbish from the old machine in a hopefully organized manner.

500GBytes is a very big dumpster. Garbage in, organized garbage out. A bigger trash can, does not make a cleaner office. The difference between data and information is that you can usually find information. Etc.

The real problem is that I haven't seen any questions lately that are worth answering or that I have a clue how to answer. I also don't like answering the same questions more than a dozen times. In order to obtain my minimum recommended dose of Usenet, I've been busy polluting other newsgroups. I'm also working on a Usenet filter for Forte Agent that will automatically vaporize one-line comments. Yours is two lines, so you're safe, for now.

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Jeff Liebermann

That's surprising, have 2 1tb usb drives and filled em both up....

Ever think about running a simple network/file server with forums and libraries of faqs/answers?

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Peter Pan

I use small fonts. They use less disk space. I've also considered using one space instead of two after periods. If desperate, I could just delete the spaces, so that AllTheWordWillRunTogether.

I do have several 1TByte USB drives, but they're for customer image backups, not live data. I'm not into video or byte collecting, so massive storage is not really needed.

No. I'm too busy to waste time on thinking. Besides, I don't read FAQ's, I write them.

In the distant past, I ran one of the local Usenet CNEWS servers. Before that, I ran a BNEWS Xenix 286 server, with an enormous 20MByte disk drive. Telebit modems came later, so distribution was via me, on my bicycle, carrying DC600A cartridge tapes. I don't ever wanna do anything like that again. The thought of it still brings me nightmares.

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