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I was going to tag this onto the post about the DI-624 but thought I had
better keep it separate. The reference to the DI-624 reminded me that
one of my friends had recently been looking at the Wireless Wiki and had
been unable to access the Atheros paper mentioned in "Performance and
The link is now
Some of the older Atheros whitepapers are at
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Huh? It's still on the Atheros web pile. See:
Also, is owned by Atheros and is an Atheros trademark:
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Jeff Liebermann
The Wiki has it at
which gives a 404
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Oops. I either goofed or Atherose moved it. Now fixed.
Note that you can create and account, login, and make changes as needed. If John Navas and I have to do all the changes and fixes, they will never get done.
Back to income taxes... Grumble.
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