Bridge collapses

I have the following setup:

Parsonage Church

Wireless router -> WAP54G -> Backfire antenna -- Backfire antenna ->

WAP54G -> Linksys Router

Things work fine for a few minutes when things first are powered up, from the church I can connect to the internet. Everything to the left is on a 192.168.1.* network and the Linksys is on a 192.168.2.* network. After about 10-15 minutes of connectivity, we loose connection at the church. At this time the connection at the parsonage is fine. I can also fix things by just power cycling the Linksys router and things work for another 10-15 minutes. If there were problems with my antenna alignment I wouldn't think things would work for a little while and I wouldn't think rebooting the Linksys would fix things.

I configured the two WAP54Gs to work in bridge mode gave each the other's MAC address and configured the WAP54Gs to use the right antenna which is what I connected the Backfire antennas to.

Does anyone have any ideas about how I can get this connection to work all the time and not drop connections?

Thanks, Marc

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Anything in the logs on either bridge? Are the APs accessible by IP or are you power cycling them? Does it require both APs be rebooted or will just one or the other suffice?

No, same here.

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1) Firmware: "Try re-flashing your WAP54G with 3.04 or later even if it is installed." 2) Security? Turn it off to start with for testing purposes. 3) Wireless Mode: Sounds like you are using WDS with Bridge mode. Instead, use the default AP mode in the first one and AP Client mode in the other. Reset them both first and set up again. The AP Client mode of the far WAP should have a way to survey for an AP and then you choose to connect to it. Add WPS once you are certain it's stable with no security.


The Access Point offers five modes of operation: Access Point, AP (Access Point) Client, Wireless Repeater, a Wireless Bridge. For the bridging mode and Repeater mode, (DON'T USE) make sure the channel, SSID, and WEP keys are same. Access Point - The Operational Mode is set to Access Point by default. This connects your wireless PCs to a wired network. In most cases, no change is necessary. (USE THIS MODE FOR FIRST WAP)

AP (Access Point) Client - When set to Access Point Client mode, the Access Point Client is able to talk to o remote access point within its range. This mode allows the Access Point Client to act as a client of a remote access point. The Access Point Client cannot communicate directly with any wireless clients. A separate network attached to the Access Point Client can then be wirelessly bridged to the remote access point. Enter the required LAN MAC address of the remote access point in the Remote AP MAC Address field. (USE THIS FOR FAR END WAP)

To select an available access point, click the Site Survey button and choose from the access points listed by clicking on the radio button for the appropriate access point and clicking the close button. If you do not see a access point listed, click the Refresh button and another survey will be performed. ___________________________________________________________________________= ___

Also, do you really want two subnets? Could also be part of the problem? If seperate subnet is not needed, have all DHCP requests forwarded to the primary router for assignment.

Good luck, Steve

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