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Hia, I have a netgear wireless set up, which works fine. I do not however, have any wireless security. I have had a look at the instructions, but havn't really got a clue what to do. Don't know how to get in to set it up. Soemone once showed me an IP address for my router, but forgotten how to find this for the set up. I remember on the one occasion I DID get in, that part of the set up was a 16 (or 18?) digit Hex code. Don't know what I am supposed to enter, or where I get the number from. The only numbers I have found on my equipment are MAC codes, but the one in the set up is different again.

Any help apprecated, I don't want to have to pay someone to come out and sort it, but may have to!



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What model netgear router?

And have you checked netgear's website for a manual and quickstart guide for it? Most are quite helpful.

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