im dumb, help me

ok, i know all of you are going to flame me saying im lying, blah blah, but help me out here


-last year my neighbor decided to bring some korean kid to stay in her house

-kid brought a laptop

-she didnt have wireless

-she asked me to set it up

-i had full access to the router (login, pw, etc)

-using WPA-KIP

she told me i could use it

ive bought a laptop last month (vaio, 3945 intel wireless)

i was using her wireless just fine, until i decided i wanted to tweak it

i changed the channel to 11, turned on the frame burst, and it worked fine for a sec

when i disconnected, then reconnected..........bam

i refresh the AP list, and i see it, excellent strength, 4/5 bars, ya ya

i refresh it again........its gone

i refresh it,.........its there...........i try to connect............unable

i think i hit a bad channel.........but if anyone has any other ideas, let me know.......i dont want to show up to her house and be like "yo lemme in, i need to dick around with your router"

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silentstorm hath wroth:

If it makes you feel any better, I've done similar screwups by remote control before. Make a change and lose the connection. If you haven't broken it first, you don't understand it.

Good. Sounds like you did it right.

I think she sorta implied that you also should maintain it for her in case something went wrong.

Nice. I guess Sony has given up on model numbers. Not a problem in this case.

There's your problem. Turn OFF the frame burst, trubo, afterburner, turbot-accellerator-wiz-bang-whatchamacallit, etc. Nothing but

802.11b compatibility and basic 802.11g. Lots of cards don't handle these gracefully, apparentely including your Intel 3945ABG. You might be able to fix that by updating your 3945ABG wireless driver from:

Also note that Linksys turns off frame-burst by default. There's a reason and I think you just found it.

Yep. The access point connects at ordinary 802.11g. It then tries the higher speeds and protocols including frame burst. It fails and you are disconnected.

Nope. Frame-Burst. Whatever you did last was wrong.

Keep it postive. Go to the Netgear web pile and see if there is an update for her router, if you can remember the model number. However, don't guess or goof. You can really trash things with the wrong firmware image. Tell her that it can only be applied via a wired CAT5 connection, which is true. Ummm, bring your own CAT5 cable.

If you have the guts, tell her exactly what happened. You've done no real damage, lost data, broken any laws, or cost her any money. I think she'll understand. However, don't bother lying or embellishing the story. That takes some acting talent and you don't have what it takes.

It's also possible that the kid's laptop can still connect. However, before showing up, I would get your computer act together (i.e. no viruses, no worms, updated operating system, updated wireless drivers). No sense in becoming part of a troubleshooting exercise. When you have time, you also might want to fix the shift keys on your keyboard. Don't forget the CAT5 cable.

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