DSC 832 Wil Not Communicate

I cannot get my Power832 communicator to dial my cell phone. After a forced alarm, the event buffer shows the (deliberate) zone opening but shows no attempts to communicate at all. There are no FTCs in the buffer, and no call is made to my cell phone. Other than this communicator problem, this alarm system works just fine. Here are setup details.

Power832 (5010 version 2) system equipment setup:

8-zone residential installationin 2 year old house just purchased. About 22 Door, window and motion sensors only. Telco phone wires connected to tip and ring terminals. House phone wires connected to T1 and R1 terminals. I have two LCD5500Z keypads.

Power832 (5010 version 2) progranning setup: (I am using the DSC Installer manual together with the programming worksheets)

160: 8 161: 40 301: DTenDigitTelNumberFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF 302: all Fs 310: 5555 320: 31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38 329: FF (in each zone 1-8) 360: 05,05 361: 1 365: 1 380: 1

Earlier attempts to get this comminucator working did report an FTC in the event buffer, but there was never a cell phone call. About that time, a stubborn communicator trouble occured (yellow LED stuck on). I reset the 5010 panel with AC and battery power off then AC power on followed by battery reconnect. The communicator trouble message and LED then cleared.

What an I doing wrong? All I want is my cell phone to be called whenever any alarm occurs. I am not interested in getting report code info at this time. However I understand that the "320" report codes cannot be "FFs", or the communicator will not dial out.

Can anyone help ???? The original installer will not return phone calls! This should really be simple.

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