SBG900: can config with IE, not with Safari?

I just bought a Motorola SBG900 and I quickly found out that Safari has problems when it's used as the web browser to access the SBG900's config pages. When this is done, Safari gets 'stuck' trying to load some of the pages, and so I can't log out normally (I have to quit Safari before logging out, and this screws up the SBG900's web server, usually requiring a cold reboot).

IE, on the other hand, works fine for this purpose.

Why do I care, you may ask, what web browser I use? Well, I'm trying to be as Microsoft-free as possible, and besides, I love Safari and use it as my main browser.

This is all under Mac OS X, of course. ;)

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Try iCab. Even though it does not fully support CSS I can often get it to at least show what is on the page. I used it to configure an SMC router with no problem. YMMV.


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