How to expand wireless network range


I have a Pre-N Belkin Wireless Router setup in one of my client's office, the wireless range is great inside the office building. The problem is they would like to access the internet from another building which is only about

50 - 75 yards away from the Pre-N Router, they do not have any means of running Ethernet from one building to another so wireless seem to be the way to go for now. They can receive a signal from the other building but it's weak and intermittent.

The Pre-N Router is located in the office in a way that has a clear path to the other building.

Is there any other router/access point out on the market that I can use to boost the signal?

Any help you could give me with this problem will be greatly appreicated.

Thanks William

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On Tue, 12 Jun 2007 09:48:51 -0400, "Bill" wrote in :

A separate wireless access point with a directional antenna pointed toward the other building should be just the ticket. See wikis below.

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John Navas

You might want to checkout the PepWave AP 200.


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