Hot Spot Authentication

My local gym has an access point for members to use. It require no key to gain access but you must enter your membership usename & pasword in a web page to gain access to the internet.

Thats fine when I'm using a laptop or similar but I would like to connect another device that doesn' contain a web browser (a network meusic player).

My question is how do these web based authentication schemes usually work? Do they all record the MAC address of the device that is used to enter the username and password and then allow that MAC address access to the internet?

In that case would it work if I changed the MAC address of my mobile phone (that does have a web broswer) to that of my networked music player, enter my username & passsword with that, and then connect my network music player (that doesn't have a web browser) to the access point in order to give it access to the internet?

Or does it vary depending on what hot spot software they're using?


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It varies, some of the access point integrated solutions will notice your hardware disconnecting and reconnecting and boot you very quickly. However in general, your suggestion will work just fine. More importantly there is no harm in trying.

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