Help with Dlink NIC & Security

How about a clue as to the computah make and model, the D-Link product name and model, the version level of the D-Link device, the firmware version, the driver version, and if there are any other wireless devices configured (but not necessarily plugged in)?

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Jeff Liebermann
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When I try to enable any of the security features I get a message that the SSID is already configured and to enter a new SSID and network connection.

When I do this it will not connect to the AP even though it shows it with a good signal. I have duplicated all the same info on the router/AP. D-Link had been no help when I have called for assistance. I have deleted the old SSID and all info prior to creating the new SSID with security enabled.

I am banging my head against a brick wall.

The computer is a Win 98Se but that should not matter as I am only working with the D-Ling configuration utility.

Thanks for your help Jim

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