Poor signal quality?

I have an 802.11g home network. My laptop uses Intel ProSet/Wireless to manage WiFi connections. Sometimes the Intel ProSet/Wireless icon in the task bar shows poor signal quality event though the signal strength indicator in the ProSet/Wireless main screen shows five bars (the maximum). My laptop is located less than three fee from the wireless router. I have tried different channels with no effect.

1) What metric does Intel ProSet/Wireless use to determine signal quality?

2) How can I determine the cause of the intermittent poor signal quality?

Any suggestions or pointers to reference material would be most welcome.

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Have you tried using the Proset logging facility to see if it can give you nay ideas?

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That's nice. Any particular make and model wireless router? Extra credit for the hardware version.

Same problem. Any particular maker and model laptop? Also, the model number of the Intel wireless card?

Did you check if you have the very latest Intel Proset software installed?

Some of the old 9.0.xxx versions were not so wonderful.

Ummm.... I've seen that before. Everything works fine, but the indicated signal strength is all wrong. Possible causes:

  1. Your unspecified wireless router is having a problem. Drag the laptop to a wireless hotspot and see if the signal strength magically improves. If so, check your unspecified wireless router's antenna.
  2. The two antenna connectors going to your unspecified Intel wireless card have fallen off. If someone worked on your unspecified model laptop, it's possible they squashed the antenna coax at the hinge point.
  3. Out of date Proset driver. Update it.

Dunno. I would have to lookup the chipset specifications and app notes to dig out that info.

By substitution. Try the laptop with other wireless access points. If the problem is common to all of them, do a physical inspection to make sure it's in the socket, antennas connected, etc. If possible, borrow and identical card and see if it does the same thing. Try different locations as interference from other networks can affect the signal strength indication.

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for updated drivers, be sure to complain to them about their annoying flash intro that you have to sit through before doing anything useful.

Some older versions of the Intel drivers just suck, others suck royally. I know there was an update for many of them recently.

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