FS 2.4 ghz antenna for wireless router

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one 4 inch beam $150.00

one 120 degree sector 170.00

located in Canada radios available for long distance link link up two locations of increase range of hotspot around house snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com

radio available for long links

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"Paul" hath wroth:

Besides being commerical advertising in a non-commercial newsgroup, some of the Wi-Fi Plus antennas are bogus.

Duz anything on this page look like a "pattern"? It does say "patterns". Where are they?

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the hell is "effective penetrating gain" and dBmp? This reeks of invented hype.

What are the dots on the pattern at:

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they mean that someone measured those data points. I've done LOTS of antenna pattern measurements and I've never seen anything so close to perfect. Did anyone actually measure those patterns and why such a tiny graph? If the front to back is really 40dB, why doesn't it show on the graphs? 100MHz bandwidth, at what return loss? VSWR graphs? Any side by side tests with conventional antennas to demonstrate the alleged superiority in NLOS and "reduced noise"?

Here are what real patterns should look like:

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Jeff Liebermann

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