Homebrew 2.4 GHz spectrum analyzer using Proxim HomeRF nics


Does anyone have any experience with the 'Airsleuth' or 'Wifisleuth' product which uses Proxim Symphony HomeRF adapters to do basic spectrum analysis in the 2.4 GHz ISM band? The technique involves monitoring RSSI (or perhaps AGC?) during sequential scanning of the 79 FHSS channels (each 1 Mhz apart). This also seems to limit coverage to 802.11b/g channels 1 through 11 (omitting 12-14 at the top end).

I seem to remember some references to other projects using these adapters, but I cannot find anything on the Web. One would hope for an open source effort.

Proxim has in the past been quite unwilling to release details of their adapters to driver writers, even with willingness to enter an NDA. How do you suppose the developers of the Airsleuth line got the poop? R.E.?

If you have this product, I would appreciate a discussion with you.



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