force-feeding one URL for all wireless users (wireless proxy servers)

I'm trying to setup wifi at my location that's similar to a coffee shop setup: onceu connected to the network your browser automatically goes to and is restricted to one single URL. (In a cafe, after you pay you get full access.)

I don't want to setup any sort of payment/credit card thing, I simply want all web traffic, when connected to my wireless netwrok, to be forced to and restricted to one single site where I'll host some content. I know dlink routers allow you to RESTRICT access to just one site, but they don't automatically forward you there when you launch a browser.

Anyone know of a router on the market that can do somthing like this? I guess it'd have to be equipped with some sort of proxy server or something . . . but what do I know (very little). Thanks a ton.

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Set one redirecting rule on a server or have Windows server to set Home Page when web browser starts.

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dubbs hath wroth:

That's called a "splash page". It's done in the router using URL redirection. I suggest DD-WRT v24 RC5 which also includes Chillispot, FON, and WiFiDog hotspot software.

Hotspot software

etc. See:

Any of the routers that support DD-WRT will work:

I suggest you avoid WRT54G v5 thru v8 as they have limited RAM and FLASH.

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