Mini PCI wireless NIC question

Pardon me for asking this one, as it probably has been asked before, but is there a difference among the different wireless mini PCI cards? I have a socket for one on my Inspiron 5100, but don't know if I have to get a particular brand, one particular for the laptop, etc. I know I want

802.11g. With desktops it's easy, I just don't know for sure about laptops as many components are proprietary, but all of the cards I've seen for different laptops appear to have the same connector.


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Any MiniPCI should work. Don't skimp... make sure you get a reputable brand... it's worth it in the long run.


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get the Intel board, Dell fit them.

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Glittery Gary

Any mini-pci wireless card should fit and work. You need a separate antenna for 802.11a . If you only have one antenna, you should get a mini-pci supporting only 802.11b and 802.11g, although you can get a card with 802.11a and turn off the 802.11a portion.

The Intel 2200bg and Intel 2915abg (same drivers) have driver problems. I'd avoid them.

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Jerry Park

I had a couple of Dlink DWL 650G(?) desktop PCI adaptors lying around with the miniPCI card under the shielding plate. I popped them out, reworked the flylead which was soldered on, into a dipole antenna and then just used that in a couple of laptops.

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