Factory Reset procedure and/or default password for Nokia A021 access point


This issue appears in usenet archives without any proper replies: what is the factory reset procedure and/or default password (on the serial port) for administering the Nokia A021 access point?

Nokia's meager online resources are silent on this issue, referring the user to the operating manual for the unit, which unfortunately is not online.

I have discovered a few Nokia employee e-mail addresses from the responsible division which I will try later...

FWIW, my unit boots to a bridge mode and does not have an assigned IP address, so the only communications channel to it is the serial port. After the init. messages on the serial port, the unit demands a password; I have tried many obvious ones unsuccessfully. I have also tried power-cycle reset-button procedures that are common to other devices; holding the reset button depressed while applying power and waiting until the unit's LEDs all light and then extinguish (about 10 seconds) causes a short binary output to the serial port (which is then perhaps awaiting some sort of upload).

All help much appreciated.


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