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I would like to give someone a customized ringtone (a recording of her daughter's voice) as a present. How can I do this? (I don't have a mobile telephone and know *nothing * about them.) I can make the recording on tape, MP3, msn, Yahoo, etc.

Thanks for any simple-English help.

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This NG is for wireless computer networking devices (802.11). You'd probably have better luck in one of the cellular phone NG's.

...but, since it looks like you are posting from a web portal, I'll try help.

Yes, make your recording as an .mp3 as her phone is more than likely able to playback .mp3's (Do you know the model?)

Then to transfer the .mp3 to the phone:

Can you get physical access to the phone (and the phone's computer cable) you want to transfer to?

If so, just plug it into your computer. (Likely USB port.) Most phones these days have a "file transfer mode", in which they (along with any memord cards in the phone) appear as a drive(s) under Windows. You don't need to install the phone (Nokia, Ericsson, etc) PC software. Just plug it in and go from there. Copy your .mp3 to an appropiate directory (ringtones, music, etc.)

If you don't have a cable, but the phone and computer both have Bluetooth, you can use that. Probably won't need to install the phone PC software, but may need the Widcomm drivers.

If you don't have access to the phone at all, then you need to allow the .mp3 to be pulled from the phone some other way.

Since you said you don't have a phone, SMS is out.

Does the target phone have the ability to receive internet email with attachments? If so, just email the .mp3

Does the target phone have the ability to access the web? If so, just put the .mp3 on a website.

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