Atheros card (DWL-AG530)..

Anyone else using this particular, or similiar, card:

DWL-AG530 (PCI/AR5212)

I have had it working, except for a few issues, for some time using (currently):

kernel: 2.6.13-15.8 ndiswrapper v1.8 (compiled /w gcc v4.0.2) W32 driver: neta3ab v1.15 (D-Link)

Today, I thought that I would try to resolve the few issues, but haven't been successful.

The first issue, and this is strange, I can't get it to work unencrypted. It will work fine with WPA-PSK (TKIP/AES both) and WEP, but it refuses to talk in the clear. I have a captive portal running, unencrypted, that I would like to connect to on occassion. I can't get to the CP from my WLAN, as it is completely separate (topology and physically) network. This, of course, is by intent --- nobody can get from the CP to my WLAN. I have other computers, including a laptop, to get to it but it would be convienent to be able to get to from this one also.

802.11a? iwconfig is refusing to accept any 5.2x Ghz frequencies. (I.e., 5.280 Ghz). I don't know if this is a limitation of iwconfig or ndiswrapper. (?) My AP's are Tri-Mode, so I can use .11g, but would be nice to use .11a for consistency with everything else on my WLAN.

Is there not native Atheros drivers out there? I could have sworn, at one time, I /thought/ I had seen them. (?). Maybe it was a day dream. From deja, this particular card (and chipset) seems to be giving the FreeBSD types quite a bit of headaches also. I tried Madwifi, but couldn't that to work. Wrapping the W32 driver, with the above exceptions, is working rather well though. No hanging, speed tests all look great, etc.

TIA, Eric

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I'm currently using madwifi-ng with an ATERM WL54AG card. Kernel is

2.6.16. I've also used madwifi-old with kernel 2.6.15 and earlier. I'm using WEP with a DLINK DI-524 router. I've also connected to open access point in various airports with no problems. The WL54AG card uses the AR5212 chipset and can do 802.11 a/b/g. I _think_ I've set it to 5GHz mode in ad-hoc mode between 2 laptops (DI-524 doesn't do A).


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Jerry Peters


Thanks for the reply. Now that I know that it is possible, I'll devote some effort towards it again. I haven't had the time to much fiddlin' since writing the previous post, but the weekend is coming.

I'll give Madwifi a shot again, using madwifi-old -- and also put together a newer kernel. I've been wanting to do that anyway, so might as well just do it all at the same time.

Thanks, Eric

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