Help with DWL-G710 extender

Sorry if this question is an old one. I searched this ng but did not find any discussion on this extender, so here goes. I purchased a D-Link DWL-G710 with the intention of strengthening the signal from my D-Link DI-624 wireless router which is located in a remote room of the house. I can't seem to get this puppy configured. I'm not totally computer and network illiterate, but nothing I've tried so far has helped.

  1. I plugged it by cable to one of the router lan connectors, fired it up, typed in the magic numbers in the browser and up came the configuration utility. I followed the instructions in the Wizard and after finding my router in the site survey, connected to it. So far so good.
  2. I enabled the 64 bit WEP encryption to match the encryption of the router. Then I finished the Wizard and rebooted.
  3. I then took off the cable, unplugged it, carried it off to its location, plugged it in and it powered up but it shows no sign of activity. I looked at the available networks on my laptop and nothing new appeared, nor did the strength of the signal increase at all. It does not appear to be working. If anyone has one that does work, can you tell me if the activity lights are on when it's working?
  4. I've repeated this procedure a number of times (I thought I might be missing something) and have had no luck so far.

If anyone can help with this I'd be most grateful. I would also be thankful for a link to a site with information on configuring an extender if one exists. I've got a feeling that I'm missing something big-time. JG

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