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Before you buy anything from D-Link, I'd check the return policy of your chosen vendor. D-Link's advertizing is second to none, but the actual implementation of the promised features usually leads something to be desired. I've bought my last Duh-Link product, ever.

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William P. N. Smith
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I am looking to buy a D-Link MIMO router and a D-Link MIMO notebook card. I would appreciate any comments from you. More detailed descriptions are listed below.

D-Link Wireless Cable/DSL Router - Super G with MIMO Technology -

802.11g - 108Mbps - DI-624M

D-Link Wireless Cardbus Adapter - Super G with MIMO Technology -

802.11g - 108Mbps - DWL-G650M
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Dlink forum

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I agree with William Smith. I've also bought my last D-Link product. I like Belkin. Lifetime warranty.

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Look at Buffalo. 24/7 live technical support, that is not outsourced to India. Very helpful people, and wonderful to be able to get support on nights and weekends.

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They have 108 Mbps MIMO technology products, as well as their own faster technology (125 Mbps), which is less expensive.

AirStation MIMO Wireless Cable/DSL Router WZR-G108 AirStation MIMO Wireless Notebook Adapter WLI-CB-G108

I would avoid D-Link. They have a history of poor support, and of promising drivers that never materialize.

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