Dell 610 wifi problem

Hello...first post. I have an issue that hopefully you guys can help me with...

I have a Dell 610 that I am troubleshooting for one of my users and it seems like the laptop will connect to the access point and it says "connected"; however I cannot navigate to any sites. It gives me a "detecting proxy settings" on the lower status bar, and acts like it wants to find the site, but then the entire page goes blank.....including the address bar. Laptop works fine when data cable is plugged in.

Anyone ever have this problem and if so, how was it resolved?

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shelpdogg hath wroth:

  1. Go to: Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings and turn OFF (uncheck) "Automatically detect settings". You probably don't have a proxy server and don't need to check for one.
  2. My guess is your unspecified wireless access point or wireless router is using WEP encryption. If so, use the Hex key, not the ASCII key. If possible I would switch everyone to WPA or WPA2 encryption as WEP offers little security.
  3. There are many wireless routers that have firmware issues with specific wireless devices. Find your maker and model number, go unto their web site, and check for firmware updates for both the wireless router and whatever Dell uses in the 610.
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