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We have a Wireless LAN consisting of an Alcatel OA4308 WLAN switch, and a mix of six AP60 and AP70 access points.

The switch is running and I can log into it using a browser. When I initially looked at it, the event log said (for each of the APs) that the frame relay rate had been exceeded, and suggested that I either increase or disable this in the config file. I downloaded, edited, then re-uploaded the config file, and re-booted the system.

The sympotoms are the same, after reboot/powerup the power sometimes comes on on the AP's, but at maximum only for a minute or two before they are shut off once again (they take their power supply from the 4308 switch, over the Ethernet cable). But I'm not seeing any new entries in the event log now...

Has anyone had a similar problem with this kit, and if so what did you do? Any suggestions welcome (I am already considering throwing it overboard!).

I've been in contact with Alcatel in France, and after three days all they could suggest was to talk to someone in Venezuela who can only speak spanish (I'm not kidding!).

Thanks for at least reading this,

Paul ~~~~~ P.S. This kit was running fine with the current configuration for over six months.

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Paul Duncan
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They say ignorance is bliss so knowing nothing about these I shall stick my twopenneth in. You say all the AP's lose their power at the same time which to me is indicative of a power failure in the 802.3af power supply. Have you tried using a power injector on one of the AP's to see if that one would remain operating? As a matter of interest what colour are the POE Led's on the ports?(I have just had a quick look at the installation guide) Appendix B.

. But I'm not seeing any new entries in

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