D-Link DCS-950G or Panasonic BL-C30 ?

Has anyone tried those two cameras? The later is at least double the price of the first one, but i am looking for comments from people who have used/seen both.

Notes: Pan/Tilt is not important to me. Good resolution and picture quality is.

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The Panasonic BL-C30 has apparently been abandonded by their bios updates, leaving several issues unresolved.

This has pissed me off, so I'm sharing.

It works reliably besides it timestamping the automatically emailed images incorrectly.. so much so that they get lost in older email and I never even knew they came in.

After repated requests for tech support and being completely ignored, I'll now start my campaigne to fuck Panasonic.

I'd recommend never buying a Panasonic product, ever, for this reason.

Here is the jackass page that you have to rely on for all your tech support and updates... Of which, in 6 months, this unit has not been updated or fixed:

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Denis wrote:

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On 6 Aug 2006 05:35:56 -0700, snipped-for-privacy@wadasia.com wrote in :

Why waste your time tilting at windmills? Panasonic almost certainly won't even notice.

I think that wildly extreme.

By that standard, Panasonic has _lots_ of company.

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John Navas

snipped-for-privacy@wadasia.com hath wroth:

Are you sure development has stopped?

How did you try to contact at Matsushita/Panasonic? Did you try the email form at: |

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've received useless boiler plate answers after a few days delay, but at least they answered.

I'm looking around my house at all the wired and wireless devices that have been "abandoned" by the manufacturer. This includes my Panasonic Toughbook CF-M34 laptop which has a few oddities and where replacement batteries are difficult to find. My Kyocera QCP-6035 cell phone that has some glitches and that is deemed obsolete by Verizon. My Linksys BEFW11S4v4 that hangs all the time. My Efficient 5260 DSL modem that would not work too well if I upgraded to a 6MBit/sec DSL line. My HP

41cx calculator that has some obscure but nicely documented bugs. And so on for just about everything sitting within range of my desk. Looking around, the only item that I think the manufacturer still supports with bug fixes is a Linksys WRT54G v1.1. I suspect they do that because the current versions are sufficiently similar to the original that continued support is easy.

However, you may have a point. The camera was launched in Sept 2004 and you claim has stopped updates a bit shy of 2 years later. Looking at various sites selling this unit, it's still be sold. If product updates and development has stopped, then methinks 2 years might be a bit soon.

For how many years would you expect Panasonic to continue development and support? I'm curious.

Also, you might want to check if Panasonic actually manufactured this camera. Search the FCCID web site at:

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the camera and see if the original manufacture may have updated firmware or bug fixes.

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Jeff Liebermann

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