Compaq laptop wireless w200 antenna jack howto use

i've got a compaq laptop n800c and bought a proprietary wireless card that fits on the back of the display. in the stock config it works satisfactory. but want more..

during install i noticed what looked to be an antenna jack. after doing a little research on the web i found that it was an mc card connector, so i bought a cheap antenna, with the appropiate connector and was looking forward to increased range. but i was disappointed to find no increase in performance when attached.

after more time researching, all i could find was a short conversation on some forum, where a person said that you had to do some soldering on the pcb. and that was where they left it.

i would be very grateful for any input on the subject at all, anything as to where to look or if anybody has had experience with this card.

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Called Oliver are you?

Why would you assume that a cheap antenna would be better than the inbuilt one? What was the difference in gain between them?

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Most likely that MC connector fits only LRM-100 coax which has a loss of .4 dB per foot. Ten foot of coax plus a bit of connector loss and a 4 dBi gain antenna has no effective results.

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His W200 seems to be a re-badged Agere WA1000 which fits on the back of his laptop. I assumed he had a short length of coax to his antenna.

External photo:-

Internal photo :-

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