changed cities & isp- wireless issues

I just moved to a different city and have a new ISP (Time Warner). My wireless router and card were working fine with the earlier provider and now they don't.

I am able to access internet through the cable and an Ethernet cable. However, when I try to go through cable modem to ethernet connection to wireless router and then an Ethernet connection to my laptop it doesnot work, though the card still recognizes the router. Any insight will be appreciated

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Well, looking at your news header and extracting the IP address: posting-host= shows you're in the Charlotte, North Carolina area on Road Runner cable. This is fun. How close did I get?

Is this a guessing game? Is there any possible reason that you are unable to find the make and model number of your equipment? If you're embarrassed as to the poor quality of equipment you're using, I can see why you would withhold this information. If you are expecting specific answers, kindly supply enough information to be able to answer your questions.

OK. I decode that to mean that you are able to surf the internet without the unspecified wireless router being connected in the circuit.

OK, so you have both wired and wireless connectivity between your laptop and the router. Therefore, the problem, by elimination must be the cable modem to router connection or setup.

One must stuffer before enlightenment.

I think (not sure) that Road Runner authenticates their customers by the MAC address of the connecting computer or device. When you directly connect the computer to the cable modem, Road Runner sees the MAC address of your computah. You need to "clone" the MAC address of this computer into the router. There is probably a page in the setup that defines how this is done. After cloning the address, you will need to power down the cable modem to get it to use the new MAC address for the unspecified wireless router.

My guess(tm) is that your unspecified previous ISP probably was also a cable ISP and therefore used DHCP to assign IP addresses. Chances are high that the "connection type" is the same from your old unspecified ISP, but not guaranteed. Please verify the "WAN setup" page on your unspecified wireless router and make any changes as necessary. If you suspect that the router is totally screwed up, I suggest a grand reset and starting over per Road Runner setup instructions.

Road Runner FAQ's and docs:

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Jeff Liebermann

A lot of cable/dsl companies limit/lock their connections to specific mac addresses (usually the first one they have seen). Your wireless router should have a feature to "clone" or "copy" a mac address on it's internet port. To try this on the laptop run ifconfig /all when connected via ethernet and record it's mac address then put that address into the router.

Restart/Reboot the dsl/cable modem and the wireless router as needed.

This should fix your problem.

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You won't make Jeff happy cos you're not disclosing what hardware you have. He hates having to guess!


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