Cannot uninstall old Netgear wireless card drivers. Driving me crazy...

A little help...

I am trying to upgrade the drivers for the wireless network card in my laptop. The laptop is running WinXP Home and the card is a Netgear WG511T 108 MBPS card (see

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I went to Netgear's site and downloaded the new drivers, but I cannot seem to remove the old drivers. I attempted to do so several ways: (1) first I tried to follow the instructions on Netgear's site, which simply direct you to Select Start > Programs > WG511T Smart Wizard > Uninstall NETGEAR WG511T Software. Unfortunately, that shortcut does not exist. (2) Failing that, I went to Windows Add/Remove programs and attempted to remove the card drivers; the card is listed in Add/Remove, and when I select "Remove," and appears to perform the operation, but the card is still present in the list after I remove, restart, etc. This happens whether the card is physicaly present in the laptop or not. (3) Failing that, I just ran the new driver install program, but this cues up a dialog that says "The existing WG511T software will be uninstalled..." When I run this, it alos appears to go through the motions of uninstalling the drivers, and it even states "Uninstallation was successful!" when it finishes, but this actually has no effect -- the dirvers, software, etc are all still present, and no matter how many times I restart, remove the card, etc, when I attempt to install the new drivers I get the same "The existing WG511T software will be uninstalled..." The new drivers/software never get installed. I even checked in the software "about" menu, and it staunchly clings to the old version.

How do I get these old drivers off my system?!!

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Reinstall the *old* drivers, then immediately uninstall them.

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John Navas

I will give that a shot, thanks -- and I will post the result.

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