Budget AP for business

Does anyone have any recommendations for cheaper AP's for business use?
We have been shifting Cisco & Proxim AP's, but now need to look at a
more entry level AP market, where we have been missing out.
Requiremends; PoE (802.11af), dual antennas to provide diversity. b/g,
I've had a look at several Netgears (eg: WAG302), but read on groups
they pretty unreliable, bridging doesn't work, reboot constantly.. etc.
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On 4 Aug 2006 08:49:26 -0700, "Emlynfluff" wrote in :
As I've written in other posts here, I personally think that's false economy. Consumer grade products have buggy firmware, limited features, poor support, etc. -- the small price difference is more than offset by other costs and risks.
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John Navas
Hello John, thanks for the comments, I agree. The entry level AP's we've used at work have been dodgy to say the least. Some PC's just couldn't connect, after rebooting everything they're suddenly OK, poor really. Still, if the customer only wants to pay for that, it is a shame... :(
If you were pushed to recommend an entry level AP for business, would u have a recommendation?
John Navas wrote:
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On 7 Aug 2006 01:55:48 -0700, "Emlynfluff" wrote in :
Buffalo Wireless-G High Speed Router & Access Point WHR-G54S
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John Navas

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