[Telecom] Does anybody have any ideas?

My partner got into the payphone biz very shortly after it was opened up to
private owners.  With the advent of cell phones everywhere, he now has some
200 payphones hanging dead on poles; only four are still economically viable,
the rest have been disconnected.
Does anyone have any Cool Ideas how he can make some money off these things?  
Other than ebaying them or selling them for scrap?   (They cost a thousand
dollars a piece originally, and of course the locations ought to be good for
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Randall Webmail wrote in :
Only thing I can think of is fitting them with a dsl modem and a wireless access point so you can offer Internet access via wi-fi.
That is my first guess based on 'areas where mobile phones have made payphones obsolete'.
On the other hand, cheap 3G access might make this plan fail soon too.
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