Have anyone done business with Avalonics, Inc

Hi ,

I came to know about this company based out of New York, Avalonics, Inc

They operate through their website

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Would like to know if any of you installers have worked with them ? Any kind of feedback would be of great help.

Regard , Neo

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This is just a guess on my part but .....

There a lots of "companies" who would like to get into the "security" business. They may start out as an installing company who would like to expand into some kind of distribution business, not realizing or not understanding that they're competeting with Mega distributors. They believe that the little alarm companys will rather do business with them than with the Mega distributors. This is true to some extent. One of the avenues they try is sales over the Internet and utimately to end users. The end user thing usually turns off the intalling companys who "might" buy from them. There are some that have been around for awhile tapping business from other areas also, such as: installations and over the counter and Internet sales, for a number of years. But in my experience they ultimately fail.

I don't know why you've chosen this particular company out of the hundreds around but if you're an end user, DIY'er, and the price is right, the only risk you are taking by doing business with companys like this is their warranty policy and possibly, in their need to make the sale, but being removed from you ...... their lack of information or lack of true concern for providing you with what you really need to do the job. Technical support might be an issue also but you can usually find technical help from other sources.

In a nut shell it amounts to ..... If you don't know exactly what you want .... and they can't actually see the application ........ you very likely are not going to get what you want.

If you don't know the intricacies of CCTV cameras I'd strongly suggest that you do some substantial research before you attempt to purchase equipment. You can be led to buy equipment that doesn't do what you want simply because you don't know what questions to ask. Also, most lay people expect much more from CCTV systems than they can provide.

There's a distinct advantage to calling in an experienced installer.

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