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Sorry for the dumb question here, but is it poissible with a Linksys WRt54g router to be able to browse a remote network? We are using said router as an access point and would like to be able to see entire network from wireless clients.


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By "remote" do you mean some other network on the internet, outside the router? If so, the ability to browse that depends entirely on the adminstrator of the remote network.

Within the router, ie amongst the clients connected to it, you can browse any share that is publically accessible, and any other share to which you have specific access.

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Mark McIntyre


In this case the "remote" network is simply the wired internal network. I take it you're saying the issues is not the wrt54g, but perhaps something like settings on the server (Win 2003). I should also mention that the shares are accessible, but the other computers and shares cannot be seen if the wireless users browse hte network.


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Okay, so your scenario is that you have a bunch of wired computers plus some wireless ones all connected via the router.

Essentially, yes.

I have a similar setup, and it works fine. Make sure that your machines all have

- the same subnet eg 192.168.1.x

- the same Workgroup or Domain name

If you do "net view \\\\somecomputer" do you get Access Denied or Network path was not Found. Access Denied would arise because your client PC didn't have permissions to browse \\\\somecomputer\\ipc$ which is an administrative share required to view other shares. Search the MSDN for advice on how to fix this. One fix is to create a local username on each server which matches the names used on the client PCs.

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