Best position for wireless Router?

In theory, the attenuation of a floor or ceiling should be the same no matter which direction you're going through it. However, if you position the access point downstairs, you'll probably be going through the bottom of quite a bit of upstairs furniture to get to your laptop including the desk it's sitting upon. Putting the access point in a clear area upstairs, and then shooting down through the floor goes directly to the laptop, without going through the furniture. Therefore, I would sugget you put it upstairs.

Another criteria is putting the access point near where you plan to use it the most.

Still another is to take advantage of stair wells and put it upstairs near the stairwell so it doesn't have to go through the floor and furniture.

Of course, there's always the infamous, try it both ways and see which one works best.

Incidentally, if you have aluminium foil backed insulation or poured concrete as a floor/ceiling, you're gonna have a problem as RF doesn't go through those too well.

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Jeff Liebermann
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Generally, a central location at the lower story ceiling (or upper story floor). I had problems in part of my house until I located my wireless AP below my stairwell at the interface between floors.

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Jerry Park

Hi there,

In general where would you recommend positioning a wireless router in a house (from the point of view of signal strength and quality) - upstairs or downstairs.

Reason I'm asking is i'm hoping shortly to take delivery of a new laptop so would like it to be able to get a decent signal no matter where in the house i use it..

Thanks in advance


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