Which wireless alarm system is best?

I am looking to install a wireless security system in my house. It is a ranch home built in the late 50's. It is about 3500 sq/ft upstairs and 2000 sq/ft downstairs.

~ 45% of the windows are casement and ~ 50% are picture windows, the remainder I'll call "other".

I'm curious as to who makes the best products/systems that I can add to if needed. Should I put contact type alarms on the windows or the type that alarm when the window is shattered?

I would like to also put some alarms in my downstairs as there are 2 doors and more windows.

Any suggestions on manufacturers and types/styles of alarms would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Hi , Just my opinion, but I use Visonic Powre max + never had a problem.


Micky Leeds U.K.

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Micky Savage

When it comes to reliability, stick to well-known and reputable companies. I personally suggest the Allegro series from G.E. Check them out

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and contact me for prices if eve= r you or anyone else is interested.

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