Belkin wireless router reconnect problems

Hi All,

I'm having the following sporadic problem with my Belkin Wireless-G MIMO router. I have the security settings set to use WPA-PSK with TKIP. On occasion, two different laptops cannot reconnect to the router after a reboot or hibernation. Resetting the router fixes the problem.

I haven't fiddled with any settings yet because I'd like to figure out if this is a known issue with either this router or with the drivers on the laptops (although, like I say, two different laptops are showing the same symptoms, one of which is running Vista and the other XP).

I have this theory that something about the wireless security may maintain some kind of session state and that computers trying to reconnect are getting into trouble because the gateway hasn't reset the connections. This is only a wild stab given the symptoms and my very limited understanding of TKIP.

If anyone else has seen this problem and knows of a solution, or has a working knowledge of TKIP and could give me an idea of what else might be wrong, that would be great.



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