Belkin Wireless Router Connection Problems/Hanging/Freezing

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Dump Belkin and get Linksys or Netgear if you have the money. Belkin gave it the old college try in the wireless industry but they are unable to make effective products. I use linksys WRT54G router and WPC54G ver 2 on my notebook. I have never had problems

It could be a number of things. You might be at the edge of the router's coverage. Also someone might be hijacking your connection and using your bandwidth almost to the point where it stops. You need to secure your router to prevent this from happening. You can visit my blog to find out how to secure your router:

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Finally, call belkin, I have a friend who had a belkin router and he couldn't get it to connect at all. One call to Belkin and his problems went away

hope this helps!

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I have a problem with my Belkin Wireless Router (f5d7632uk4), and am hoping someone out there can help me. It slows down to a halt daily, to a point that I cant even connect to it via ethernet until I unplug it and start all over.

I have read this is something to do with the security log growing too big, but it only ever shows 30 lines of the log, and clearing it doesn't help. (It's exactly the same problem as this guy is having:

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I don't believe it is a security problem - it is simply that the security log on the router fills up to a point (where it is preventing access correctly) that its too large and takes up all the memory of the thing.

Any other ideas? It's definitely a problem with the router - even if there is some 'security problem' going on, I rather the router doesn't just stop. I've got everything covered to my satisfaction security-wise.

Cheers, Andy

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Andrew Clancy

You should get on the phone with Belkin about the problem with the router.

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

I don't care about your problems.

Do you have a bad temper?

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I went through three in 5 months - all the same problem. Eventually after the third I got so pissed off that I got a refund and bought a Netgear.

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No, seems like quite a bit of patience, having tried more than 2 units before changing to another manufacturer's equipment. Peter M.

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