belkin f5d7632uk4

hi last week i purchased a belkin f5d7632uk4 adsl modem with wireless g router and a card to fit my laptop. being new to this i managed to get it all set up and working ok. my problem is conecting upstairs, i can not get a signal. my room is only about 10 metres maximum away from the router. have tried the different channels to no avail. is there anyway to boost the signal as it says signal should transmit

100-200 feet indoors. any advice appreciated.
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andy pandy
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Try setting the antennas at say 45 degrees.

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Axel Hammerschmidt

On Thu, 19 Apr 2007 22:21:38 +0100, "andy pandy" wrote in :

As Axel suggested, the stock antenna when vertical does better horizontally than vertically, so tilting the antenna might help (at the expense of horizontal performance).

But that alone might not be enough -- wireless signals don't penetrate floors/ceilings very well, so you might need to use (say) powerline networking to get a network connection upstairs either to your computer or to a wireless access point (same SSID, different non-interfering channel).

See wikis below for more info.

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