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Im so sorry, i tryed to search thru the posts but got no answers. Anyhoo . . this is my situation. I Just moved to a new part of town and im on WinXP, got BelkinWireless G Usb Network Adapter (Model: F5D7050) and im getting a "Network" that is reads as NETGEAR . . . And what im showing (In the Link Info) is this: Reading the Manul there are 3 pics First looks like Laptop and the Adapter infront of it, inbetween that pic and the next are 0's and 1's wich mean connection according to the manual. The next pic is a pic of a "Modem" looking thing with 2 antennas . . . The last Pic is "The Internet" wich looks like a cloud with the word Internet. What im getting is Pic One, 1's and 0's, Pic Two, X, Pic 3

My question is this, Yea i understand that 1's and 0's equalls connection and the X equals not connected. But what im not sure is what does it mean that im getting One connected (almost all the time) and the Internet connection area to go on and off and sometimes it doesnt even go on and off just stays 'X'

Network Type: Access Point Channle: 11 Encryption: Off Survayed at: 00:14:6C:F5:E5:98

Other Info

Utility Version: Driver: Firmware: MAC Addy: 00:17:3F:84:C1:4C

Connect to Network: NETGEAR [ 00:14:6C:F5:E5:98 ] Network Type: Access Type Channle: 11 Encryption: Off Link Speed: 5.5Mbits/sec

IP Info DHCP Status: Enable Current IP: Subnet Mask: Default Gatway: DNS Server:

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