Question (important to be answered soon please)

Hello everyone I'm new and I have a very important and urgent question.

There was a guy who we thought we trusted...then decided to completly thrash our forums and game and we lost all our posts and threads and everything as soon as he got admin. I'd like to think we wern't dumb our site and game was out for over 3 years, but it was just a misjudment on someone.

See he was a good admin (and a very active member before that), but he abused his powers on the people, soon as we warned him to cut it out, he destroyed everything.

The point is I need to know is there anyway to track someones IP and seeing what other forums they go I can warn that company of that person before he does the same elsewhere.

I cant really guarntee I'm not some werid perverted stalker trying to follow some girl on the net...cause well with the net you cant really know whos doing what...but I'd really apperciate the help!

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