Belkin F5D7230-4 Port Mapping Firmware Issue

Does anyone know of a way to work around the limitations of this router? Called Belkin and they seem to be aware of the limitation of trying to MAP port 80 and the routers "web interface" collision, but do not appear to be worried about a firmware update. I am trying to map port 80 to a web server on the internal LAN. I might be willing to hack the firmware if I knew how/what to change.

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Don't bother to think about this one. I read up on it more and the model I had was the v4001 version, and Belkin already knows about this model having a serious defect that allows the web interface to be available on the external IP. This is currently not changeable as the firmware is the problem, and they do not seem to be in a big hurry to fix it. I returned this router and got a pretty good Linksys for about the same price.

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