wifi rx frame - why is this at zero?

hi, am experimenting with wifi for the first time. I have located 2 available networks, but despite the signal being good , and the fact it says connected, i can't access the internet (pages not found etc). I noticed on the wifi monitor that the tx frame is about 300+ and the rx frame is 0. is this because the networks are encypted or i have the thing set up wrongly??

it's a pc with win2000 and a zd network usb adaptor. default encryption is wep

many thanks. B.

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It is most likely that the networks are encrypted. When you do not have the right encryption key, it'll discard all data that is bad.


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NetSteady ha escrito:

Chris: Thanks for the response. seems like the setup allows me to send enough data to connect, nothing beyond that, and not receive anything: looking at the connection properties box, it think it said sent: 50,000b and received :0b.


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On 23 Oct 2006 16:16:17 -0700, "b" wrote in :

As he said, you probably don't have the necessary encryption key. You aren't really "connected" -- that's Microsoft nonsense.

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