Acer Laptop Aspire 5610 Wireless Connection

Good Afternoon;

The internal wireless has refused to work after a re-installation of XP; installation necessary due to virus activity. Plugging a Linksys card in the side socket allows connection. Removing the card reverts the machine to no wireless connection.

Sent difficulty to ACER two months ago for help, guess what, no answer as of today. Could anyone help with a possible solution to this problem.


Mickey McGuire Gimli

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Reinstall the wireless lan driver

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curly Bill

Good Morning Sir;

Thank you for your >> Good Afternoon;

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And ... DAGS on "wireless connection manager" and find your options. This critter runs as a service, enabling you to configure connections.

Lots of arcana on this in previous threads- DAGGS. (Do a groogle- groups search.)

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And don't forget to turn it on... (mine was turned off by deafult when new... heck, you may want to try turning it on before you reload the driver, but if you do reload it, remember to turn it on - mine (at least on my model) was Function-F2.. Thought it was broke unti I read the quick start guide..... :)

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