Access Point with bandwidth prioritization?

Get the boss his own dedicated wireless access point. Put it on a different channel (1, 6, or 11) from the others. This way, he doesn't compete for airtime. That takes care of the RF part.

For the network, you will need some form of QoS (quality of service). This is best done with a bandwidth manager or a dedicated router. Something like this:

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you want to do it inside the wireless router, Linksys WRT54G with Sveasoft Alchemy or Talisman have bandwidth management features. Any Linux based router will also do bandwidth management. You didn't describe your system so I can't offer specific recommendations.

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Jeff Liebermann
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Situation: Setting up a wireless network for about two dozen various systems (mix of laptops, desktops, etc.). All pretty close by so no issues with reception.

The Big Boss wants priority on the network so that (s)he gets all the bandwidth and other people get bumped down...

Any and all suggestions cheerfully accepted.


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