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I have the wonderful challenge of taking a Road Runner line and attempting to wire it up to a wireless router and then getting a network of 3 computers to connect. All of the computers are connected to a central server. I have never worked with any kind of network. Is there any thing I should know or is there a way to do this?

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If you've never set up a network before, you would really be ahead hiring someone for an hour and watch what they do. You won't learn enough to do it next time by yourself, but you'll get an idea what it takes. If everything goes smooth, they could have it up and running in twenty minutes.

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GBSNathan hath wroth:

Well, you're general deficiency in supplying any kind of maker or model numbers is a problem. You really should know what you are working with.

As a general rule, get things working using a wired (CAT5 Ethernet) connection before attempting to setup or use wireless. It's like learning to ride a bicycle and juggle at the same time. Each can be best first mastered independently, before attempting them at the same time.

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That's quite a bit of reading, but worth doing before you hire someone to just get it done and over with.

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Jeff Liebermann

i dont see the point of needing a router or wireless router here. The central server already functions as a router. I assume that your server has only one Ethernet port and it's already in use, then you only need another Ethernet card for the server. Plug the Road Runner line into it and everyone will be happy surfing.


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I'm always amazed that folks come looking for technical help, and post a message on 12/5/07, and here it is 12/11/07 - with no return visit or followup dialog...

Though - I do like reading thru the various messages in the newsgroups I follow, as I always learn something new...

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